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The Skinny on Weight Gain


"I will start my diet on Monday." "I just don't have time to exercise." We've muttered these and other excuses over the years in hopes they would come true. The sad truth is, despite the healthy eating and fitness trends of the past few years, Americans are exercising less and gaining more weight.

One facet in the battle of the bulge is weight cycling. Commonly known as "yo-yo dieting," weight cycling refers to repeated successes at weight loss, followed by a regaining of the weight. Some avid dieters fear their weight cycling will be harmful to future attempts at weight loss. But studies suggest that-although frustrating for dieters-it does not affect body composition or future weight loss and hasn't been proven to increase death rates.

IT'S TIME TO SHAPE UP! A growing proportion of men, women, and especially adolescents are overweight and are not getting the appropriate amount of exercise. Sedentary lives and lack of varied, balanced diets do not sound threatening, but being overweight can lead to heart disease, certain cancers and early death.

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? There are no magic bullets. Increasing physical activity and a balanced, healthy diet are the only ways to make those unwanted pounds disappear. With warmer weather upon us, embark on 30-minute brisk walks, play a round of golf, or go bicycling.

If years of physical activity have left you with aching joints, try swimming for a more soothing work-out. And encourage children and teenagers to participate in outdoor recreation and avoid the television and refrigerator.

Patients with heart and lung disease can participate in weight loss programs. If you would like information on a sensible weight loss and exercise plan tailored to your personal needs, please let us know, or talk with your doctor at your next visit.

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